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Spotted: Unimog

May 11, 2009 Travels No Comments

unimog mbta 1024x554 Spotted: Unimog

I’ve spotted this awesome looking Unimog in Boston’s Government Center after the recent MBTA trolley accident. I might as well add the Unimog to my favorite vehicle list. Designed from the start to be the ultimate utility tool, Unimogs have been used everywhere and converted into everything. From military uses, ambulances, to locomotives and high-rail vehicles, to recreational vehicles which can be driven everywhere.

Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pictures from any other angles. When I got back there few hours later, it was gone. I’m trying to find out the details on it, but this ‘Mog did not appear to be a hi-rail vehicle. It appears to have been picked by the MBTA to service Green Line trolleys in Boston, but I really can’t figure out why they would pick this over a much cheaper domestic heavy-duty pickup truck. For their needs, I really do not see the advantages that the Unimog would offer; maybe shorter overall length and extra ground clearance, maybe it’s more maneuverable in the tunnels, but this vehicle does not seem to intended for in-tunnel use as its height could potentially hit the overhead catenary lines.

Read up on the Unimog at these sites:


Current models on sale in UK

German sales website (used) (English language)

German site specializing in U.S. Unimog sales (lots of info too)

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