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Solution to the Run-Flat Tire Problem

January 7, 2010 Opinion 10 Comments
1742  665x540 mini cooper spare tire Solution to the Run Flat Tire Problem

In recent years many manufacturers, most notably BMW, have started installing run-flat tires on their new cars. Many people, mostly enthusiasts, have developed an instant animosity toward the run-flats due to the high replacement price, shortened life, quality issues, and increased unsprung weight which takes away from steering feel and handling.

Another issue on many new cars, such as the Mini Cooper, is simply the lack of proper space for a spare-tire. That however clearly did not stop the owner of the above Mini Cooper S. Looking closely you will notice that the spare tire tilts down on a Jeep Wrangler-like-carrier/contraption to allow access to the tailgate. Problem solved! And in a classy way might I add, as the exterior spare tire gives the Mini an even more retro look which is that of a car from 1920′s to the 1950′s. Bravo, Real [Short] Man of Genius from Massachusetts! Today We Salute You, Mr. “I have Nothing to Overcompensate for!”

I took this pic sometime around March 2009 on I-84 in CT.

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  1. Kamil says:

    This was posted on Jalopnik.com and seen by almost 15,000 people:

    Woohoo, I’m a little famous! (not really)

    *Ahem*… I’d like to thank my boss for sending me on a pointless business trip to wonderful middle-of-nowhere-Connecticut. And my wife, my daughter, and Gob Bless America! Thank you!!

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  4. jake says:

    Kamil….What kind of rack is this..I would like to get one for my clubman


  5. Kamil Kaluski says:


    Sorry, I keep getting emails on this and like I loser I keep forgetting to reply; apologies to all.
    This rack was made by minifini but minifini.com seem to be down. Total cost was like $700.

    Here’s a link for ya, 2nd post down:

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  10. Ronald says:

    Realizing it’s been a while, I recall seeing DIY steps for adding this spare tire rack from the original handy man, saving some money versus purchasing the whole setup. Can you point me there? Thanks!

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