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Cars & Coffee at F40 Motorsports

March 10, 2010 Shows No Comments
2360  200x240 f40 motorsports wayne carini 39 Cars & Coffee at F40 Motorsports   2329  200x240 f40 motorsports wayne carini 1 Cars & Coffee at F40 Motorsports   2344  200x240 f40 motorsports wayne carini 23 Cars & Coffee at F40 Motorsports






I hear crying on Saturday at 4:30am. Ugh, it was going to be one of those days. To my surprise, my daughter went back to sleep within a few minutes, but I didn’t. Earlier in the week I learned that F40 Motorsports, famous from the HD Theather show Chasing Classic Cars,will be having a cars-and-coffee event. Getting up at 5am on a Saturday to drive almost two hours to look at some cars is not exactly my cup of tea (sorry for the pun), but since I was already up I decided to grab my camera and I quietly sneaked out of the house.*


2330  320x240 f40 motorsports wayne carini 10 Cars & Coffee at F40 Motorsports Little less than two hours later I arrived at a shop which from afar could be mistaken for a budget used car lot. It was a dealership at which one would expect to see a greasy-haired, cigar-smoking, suspender-wearing, stereotypical used car salesman to come out of . So much so, that the first time I drove by F40 Motorsports I actually missed it. Only once I parked and got out of the car did I realize that I have just arrived at a vehicular nirvana.


2353  320x240 f40 motorsports wayne carini 31 Cars & Coffee at F40 Motorsports First thing I noticed when I stepped inside the almost-unimposing little shop is a sea of red Italian paint. It’s everywhere, completely overwhelming everything else in sight; if lingerie-clad Megan Fox was in that showroom, I would have miss her.


F40 Motorsports consists of the show room, a warehouse, fenced parking lots and two restoration areas. The showroom itself is small, capable of comfortably holding maybe a dozen cars. In the back of the showroom is Wayne’s office; spacious, filled with automotive memorabilia and file cabinets full of automotive records. I felt uncomfortable taking pictures of Mr. Carini’s office, I was there to check out his cars.


2356  320x240 f40 motorsports wayne carini 34 Cars & Coffee at F40 Motorsports Outside, more and more people started showing up. All kinds of cars were there: an Alfa Romeo, a Fiat wagon, convertible Mustang KR which Wayne just picked up a few days prior, Bentleys, car with gull-wings, car with tail-fins, Sonny Crockett’s car and even a Miata!


2369  320x240 f40 motorsports wayne carini 48 Cars & Coffee at F40 Motorsports To my surprise Wayne himself made an appearance too. Actually it turned out that he was there all along, working in the shop. He chatted with a few people about their cars and even posed for pictures with some star-struck guys (see gallery, no I was not one of those guys, thank you very much). After about an hour of this, he thanked everyone for coming, shook everyone’s hand headed back to work.  I did manage to chat with him for a few minutes and he seemed very nice and very approachable. I plan on going back to F40 Motorsport in the future for another Cars & Coffee and hopefully a tour of the shop.



*Wife gave me an earlier permission, wouldn’t have gone without it.

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