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BMW M6 Bumper Cover Theft!

October 5, 2010 LOL 2 Comments
3678  350x500 bmw m6 missing rear bumper BMW M6 Bumper Cover Theft!

It started in the 1990s, when pricey airbags were stolen from cars. Then, high prices of precious metals have caused a spike in the theft of automotive catalytic converters.

The latest trend among thieves is rear bumper covers from the recently-discontinued BMW M6 models. Experts believe that the M6 bumper cover fits almost perfectly onto the rear of ’98-’02 Honda Accord Coupe. BMW M6 owners are urged to keep their vehicles in garages whenever possible or politely slip the valet a Benjamin in order to park their M6 upfront, with the other douchebags fine automobiles.


I took this picture at the BMW Performance Driving School almost two years ago, and just happened to stumble upon it now.
I don’t know what the story behind it is. The bumper will definitely not fit an Accord, but that was the best line I could come up during lunch today.

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  1. kimbo305 says:

    The bumper cover is probably relatively easy to remove, and they took it off to avoid scuffs from debris kicked up by the rear tires.

  2. mike says:

    kimbo305, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of…

    have you ever worked on a car, much less a German car?

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