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2011 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance: images and image

June 6, 2011 Shows 5 Comments
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One of the greatest Concours events on the east coast, the Greenwich Concours d ‘ Elegance, is split into two days: a domestic day on Saturday and European day on Sunday. I only made it to the show on Sunday since it is some distance from my home and because I find the obscure European cars more interesting. Check out the gallery below where I have attempted to capture the most interesting cars.

The show was relatively small but it featured some amazing machinery. While I appreciate the cars from the first half of the twentieth century, I do not know them well. What really got my attention were the cars of the 1960s and up. While I am not dismissing vintage Ferraris and Aston Martin DB5s, it was the Citroens, Volvos, and a Russian Volga that really did it for me.

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Several brands stood out, such as the Porsche which was most notably represented by a 959, which judging by the color looked like it may have been customized, and a RSR in Gulf livery. With the 50th anniversary of the E-Type, vintage Jags were well represented allowing n00bs such as me to see the styling differences between the model years. Lotus sports cars and race cars of all years were also shown, mostly in beautiful BRG.

Part of the event was also the Bonhams Auction. Unfortunately I did not go into the auction tent because Bonhams was changing an additional $40 entry fee which seemed specifically intended to keep commoners such as myself out. I peeked into the tent and the most interesting thing there was an Aston Martin Lagonda surrounded by typical Italian and British suspects. I must say that the pretentiousness of this auction and the people going into was rather shitty; if you ever wondered how the other half shopped, don’t.

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This brings us to the topic of people at this Concours. While I may have a taste for watches, cars, and travels, I am not in the same universe as these people. The “in crowd” men were dulled up in overpriced loafers, khakis, polo shirts with little emblems on them, and obligatory sport coats, topped off with a geeky hat. Their spouses had on summer dresses which were supported by the finest of silicones and again topped off with goofy hats. Fine jewelry was also being shown off, because it’s just improper to drive a vintage Ferrari costing more than middle class family’s new worth without your Patek Philippe. I got a kick out of the fact that they didn’t know how ridiculous they looked.

Few car observations:

  • The red Fiat 500 race car is powered by Honda’s B16C engine.
  • The ’80 Rolls Royce Corniche has an AC Delco radio just like the one your aunt’s Buick did.
  • That E30 M3 Convertible was amazing, it looked as if it has just rolled out of the factory.
  • Was nice to see Datsun Z and a Toyota Celica.
  • Speaking of BMWs, 2002 Turbo!
  • I love the 1995 Jaguar XJR-S, can’t get a more iconic car to represent the Members Only jacket era.

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  1. Adrian says:

    Nice pictures especially the 2002 Turbo and the CSL.

    You should have gone on Saturday, you could go in the Bonhams tent for free

  2. Beth says:

    I was at this event for both days, I am definitely middle class, and I have to say that I found none of it to be snotty and I was not treated like a “commoner” at any time. We drove from the Vermont/New Hampshire border on Saturday and booked a hotel room nearby on a cheap website so that we could be there for both days. The people that we met were not judgmental in any way. The worst thing I heard was an older gentleman talking about how he didn’t like the look of a particular model of car. When we heard the car alarm going off in the Mercedes tent, I cracked a joke to a couple of older men nearby about wondering which key was the right one to turn it off and they loved it. Everyone seemed very down-to-Earth, including Wayne Carini, who we ran into while walking around on Saturday. As far as the auction goes, we were able to walk into the tent with no questions asked. I had no idea they were charging a fee to get into it, seeing as no one asked us if we had paid to get in. We watched several cars being auctioned off, which was really cool since we have watched Bonham auctions on TV several times in the past. There were some amazingly awesome cars being exhibited and sold here, and I’m so glad we were there to see them!

  3. Kamil Kaluski says:

    I’m glad to hear that, I had a number of people mention to me or experience the snooty-ness which is why I mentioned it above.

    I know Wayne, very nice guy, class act… was actually a dinner event with him few weeks back and afterwards he hanged out with us at the bar. Again, great guy, check out his shop:

  4. DAVE ANSPACH says:

    I was honored to be a participant in Saturdays event. I had what was undoubtedly the lowest priced car on the field with my 1951 Crosley. I found the judges to be knowledgeable and the crowd to be well informed and appreciative. I didn’t win any awards, nor did I expect to with the quality of vehicles on display. There were no put downs by anyone and I had a lot of fun showing my car to a new group of people. Particularly heartwarming to me was the applause and cheers from the crowd when we did the drive by the reviewing stand at the end. There were cars in my grouping that the tires, wheels, and hubs on them cost more than my car did, but I got as much appreciation as any car in the group. Definately no snobbiness, just a great group of car people!!!

  5. [...] program in order to attend the auction. I was expecting that, as they used the similar scheme last year to keep out riff-raff such as myself. I showed the lady my press badge (which I did not have last year) and she answered [...]

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